Massage in Riga

 Classic massage

A classic massage is an ancient form of massage which improves blood and lymphatic circulation, eases muscle pain, strengthens the immune system, revitalises the skin, relieves stress and leaves you feeling wonderful. The massage can be either energising or relaxing, depending on the masseur’s approach and the oils used.

40,00 € / 60 min.

50,00 € / 90 min.

If you don’ t have enough time for a full body massage but you would like to boost your energy levels and feel great, then why not try one of these massages:

Classic back massage

25,00 € / 40 min.

Back massage with honey

30,00 € / 50 min.

Leg and foot massage

30,00 € / 60 min.


Sport massage

A sport massage can improve your physical condition by preparing your muscles before exercise or restoring their strength, flexibility and energy afterwards. This massage is ideal for athletes or anyone doing a hard day’s work.

55,00 € / 90 min.




Lymphatic drainage massage

A lymphatic drainage massage uses the hands in sliding movements to send controlled pressure towards the large lymph nodes, thereby removing excess fluids and toxins from the body. It is effective for removing cellulite (especially in combination with a honey massage) and stimulating weight loss by increasing metabolism and improving lymphatic and blood circulation. And by relaxing the muscles and nervous system, it leaves you feeling brand new.

45,00 € / 90 min.

Royal Thaifoot and leg massage

The feet are our connectionto the foundations of life. Thehealthier our feet, the more happiness and success we can enjoy. The feet are a reflection of our body as a whole. By working on energy lines and acupuncture points, a foot massage impacts positively on the internal organs, brings harmony to the body and let’s living energy flow in. This massage helps healthy people avoid illness and maintain wellbeing.

 30,00 € / 60 min.


Only foot massage

20,00 € / 30 min.






Lomi Lomi massage

Lomi Lomi is an ancient massage from Hawaii meaning "caresses from the paws of a contented cat." The massage is performed with long, flowing, rhythmical movements by the forearms and hands, gradually increasing the depth of the strokes. Several areas of the body can be massaged simultaneously, leading to even deeper relaxation. The masseur aids the healing process through touches filed with love and tenderness. A lomilomimassage is a “conversation with the body,” and every massage is unique. It is a path to self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

Lots of warm oils are used during the massage, and you can choose from a variety of ethereal oils to deepen your relaxation and pleasure.

 70,00 € / 120 min.


Ayurvedic massage

An ayurvedic massage is a deeply pleasurable and healing procedure for your body and spirit. The massage is performed using warm ethereal oils which cleanse your cells of all the negativity accumulated over time.

An ayurvedic massage is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health, boost energy and prevent illness.

Sambahana ayurvedic massage

Sambahana is an energy cleansing massage for the entire body. First you will be specially prepared for the procedure, then you will experience a massage of your face, ears, abdomen, chest, hands, legs, feet, posterior, back, collar, neck and head.

 Sambahana stimulates the marma points to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and boost the nervous and immune systems. It benefits the physical, ethereal, mental and emotional bodies. By gradually restoring balance to these levels, you are freed from both the symptoms of illnessesand their causes. This massage harmonizes and balances the body, fills it with energy, feeds oxygen to the cells, removes salts and toxins and cleans the colonic tract.

A sambahana massage is especially recommended to relieve both physical and emotional fatigue. It is best enjoyed in the evening so you can rest and relax and wake up the next morning feeling energised and inspired.

The massage may be performed for the whole body or a combination of areas.

 50,00 € / 90 min.

 60,00 € / 120 min.

Relaxation massage

A relaxation massage will lift your happiness, health and beauty. Feel your body release tension and take on energy as you snooze and enjoy the pleasant caresses. This massage uses a combination of methods to relax the body and boot positivity, and its flexibility makes it suitable for everyone. Aromatic oils interact with you physically and spiritually to restore harmony and either relax or energise you, depending on what aromas are used. A relaxation massage is best enjoyed in the evening so that afterwards you can have a wonderful night’s sleep and wake up recharged.

Relaxation aroma massage - 50,00 € / 90 min.


 Honeymassage (relaxing)

A honey massage is a fantastic way to improve your skin. Thanks to the massage, the active ingredients of the honey are absorbed into the skin to make it silky and smooth.

A honey massage is not recommended for people with acute inflammation, heart conditions, varicose veins, tumoursor allergies to bee products.

 50,00 € / 90 min.

Massage with honey and almond mask

   The best way to relaxation, happiness, harmony - massage with honey-almond peeling mask. The product contains tiny bits of peeling that partly melt during the procedure. After massage you will be given a body wrap to facilitate even better absorption of the wonderful properties of honey and almond. The mask should be wiped off by a warm and moist towel  at the end.

The skin fully absorbs the mask and becomes velvety soft, visibly rejuvenated, smooth, moisturised and toned.  You’ll feel wonderful as your body and mind shed accumulated stress and enter a peaceful mood.

55,00 € / 90 min

Chocolate massage (relaxing)

Chocolate massages are becoming more and more popular, as people savour amazing sensations of peace and heavenly relaxation. The massage is performed with gentle, sliding, rhythmical movementsto free the body of accumulated tension, while the aroma of the chocolate creates an ecstatic mood. A blend of chocolate powder and sweet almond oil essence gives your skin energy, moisture, nutrients as well as vitamins B, A, E and K, and the massage activates cellular metabolism and microcirculation. After your chocolate massage you will be given a body wrap to facilitate even better absorption of the wonderful properties of chocolate, as well as sculpting your body and getting rid of cellulite. And of course, chocolate produces endorphins and serotonin - the hormones of happiness.

So enjoy loads of chocolate, get slim and smile!

A chocolate massage is not recommended for people with acute inflammation, heart conditions, varicose veins, tumoursor allergies to chocolate.

55,00 € / 90 min.


 Jasmine caress massage

Jasmine caress is a massage that brings deep relaxation and feelings of happiness.

The key to this massage is warm almond and jasmine ethereal oil. While the rose is famed as the queen of scents, then jasmine is the undisputed king. It is an intense, elegant, subtle, honey sweet, gentle, erotic and slightly dizzying aroma…

The scent of jasmine stimulates creative work and original ideas, increases feelings of self-esteem, relieves stress and eases headaches. Jasmineprevents premature tiredness, induces pleasant dreams and improves sleep. A little jasmine can lead to compete emotional and physical relaxation. It restores the nerves after intense mental activity, wards off worry and depression, develops philosophical thinkingand living, harmonises both male and female hormonal systems, and it is a greataphrodisiac! Jasmine is also an ideal scent for meditation.

A relaxing Jasmine Caress massage soothes tense muscles, improves lymphatic and blood circulation andremoves toxins. You’ll feel wonderful as your body and mind shed accumulated stress and enter a peaceful and sensual mood, and you’ll enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

45,00 € / 90 min.

Amber massage

Amber is one of the world’s most valuable minerals. Created from pine resin, it is a living organism which contains many micronutrients essential to human health. The main active ingredients of amber are succinic acid and amber oil, which are obtained in the process of melting amber and which do not contain any heavy metal salts. This gives amber revered healing properties and makes it an effective cosmetic substance.

At the beginning of the amber massage a full body peeling with amber powder is performed, which activates the skin cells, mechanically cleanses the surface of the skin from dead cells and nourishes the skin tissue with oxygen and micronutrients. The massage movements warm up the fine amber powder and ionize the air, thus neutralising free radicals. This is followed by a harmonising full body massage with amber butter, filling every cell with living energy, increasing immunity and making the skin more beautiful.
The procedure relieves electrostatic and nervous tension in the body, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin and makes it firmer, improves sleep and heightens the libido. 

50,00 € / 90 min.


Green tea inspiration

Enjoy a fantastic beauty procedure that also improves your health!

Experience a gentle, relaxing massage for your whole body using a green tea mask, and afterwards embrace your skin in a body wrap packed with all the god things that green tea provides - vitamins A, B, B1, B2 and B15, calcium, zinc, iron, iodine, selenium, copper, manganese, folic acid, phenolsand much more. Green tea is also a natural source of vitamin K, which strengthens the walls of the blood vessels and helps remove the visible signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The green tea mask is a powerful antioxidant which fights free radicals that cause ageing 20 times faster than vitamin C. The mask also contains polyphenols which rejuvenate old cells, making your body younger.

As well as producing tangible results, the green tea ritual will also make you feel positive, joyful and energetic.

At the end of the ritual, sip a cup of aromatic, quality green tea with honey from Latvia’s Vidzeme region.

Find inspiration and health through the power of green tea!

55,00 € / 100 min.



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