Bodycare procedure – cleansing, moisturising and nourishing

The skin is our greatest defender against the surrounding environment and the microorganisms that inhabit it. But it is also the largest organ in the human body and it helps us sense the world around us.

To prevent the skin getting too dry, particularly a concern in winter, we need to care for our skin with loving tenderness – softening and moisturising to make it supple and radiant. Treat yourself with our essential bodycare ritual, in which peeling is used to free your skin of dead cells and make it soft and flexible. After peeling, enjoy a relaxing massage with specially selected skincare oils.

30,00 € / 60 min.

Slimming procedure with sea algae

Thanks to the cleansing properties of algae, toxins and excess fluids are expelled from the body, so you’ll feel light and full of energy:

•stimulates the sweat glandsand expels toxins;

•thanks to high iodine content improves skin metabolismand reduces fat deposits;

•moisturises and re-mineralises the skin.

 The procedure includes body peeling and application of an algae SLIMMING MASK.

 40,00 € / 60 min.

Latvian “pirts” procedure in sauna

Savour a healing, cleansing and relaxing Latvian “pirts” procedure in sauna with birch besoms (t° 50° -  80°C)

There are several stages in this procedure. We start off with a session in the sauna, where your body gradually warms up, and the sweating process begins as your pores open. This is assisted by waving birch besoms to get airflow going. The warmth and the aroma of the besoms soothes your emotional and physical stress. After this, take a short break with a warm shower and a cup of herbal tea. Next you return to the sauna to enjoy a massage with natural scrab – peeling of your whole body. This peeling exfoliates skin, removes dead cells, improves circulation and helps you to sweat. After another shower and a rest we go to the sauna once again for a delicious honey mask all over your skin and an energising flagellation with aromatic birch besoms. Finally, duck under a contrast shower, cool down and chill out with more herbal tea and healthy snacks.

After the sauna procedure you can also choose to enjoy a massage.

Procedure in sauna - 60,00 €/120 min.

Procedure in sauna and massage – duration and price depends from the selected type of massage.


Some amazing facts about the skin:

1. The skin is the largest organ in the body by area.

 2. The skin can weigh up to 16% of the body’s mass.

 3. For adults the area of the skin can cover from one to two square metres.

 4. The human body is covered by 300 000 000 (300 million) skin cells.

 5. The top layer of our skin actually consists of compacteddead skin cells.

 6. The skin is one of the fastest growing human organs.

 7. 90% of all household dust comes from human skin.

 8. During our lives we shed up to 40 kilogramsof old skin cells.

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